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My Personalized Care Program

As a personalized care patient you can expect the following benefits:

  • Convenient appointment scheduling
  • Extended appointments whenever needed
  • On time, unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 availability via dedicated phone and email
  • Personalized and truly comprehensive Wellness Program
  • Office visits for visiting friends & family
  • New Patient Consultations; Meet Dr. Gunn and learn about the Program

Enhanced Member Services

Dr. Gunn offers a limited number of memberships to his Personalized Care Program. Fewer patients ensures he has the time and availability to work closely with his patients, attending to their healthcare needs. This increased patient-doctor interaction is important when diagnosing and treating illness and identifying any vitally important factors that may lead to future health problems.

Enhanced Appointments and Scheduling

Unlike traditional primary care practices, where you'll often wait 20 days to see a doctor, Dr. Gunn will attend to your health concerns quickly, before a small issue develops into something more serious. In addition to expedited appointment scheduling, program members are guaranteed to receive on-time appointments. Dr. Gunn will allocate the time necessary to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed and that you leave with a sense of satifaction and a clear plan of action for your healthcare.

Personal Care Service Representative

Dr. Gunns' dedicated personalized care services representative is available to assist program members and coordinate the administrative aspects of Dr. Gunns' personalized care practice. Dr. Gunn or his designated staff will be available promptly to personally communicate with you as a program member by telephone or email—even for non-emergency issues.

Office Visits for Visiting Friends & Family

Dr. Gunn will be available to consult his members' visiting friends and family should they need to see a physician.

Get Started

To help patients' take advantage of all the benefits that this higher level of personalized healthcare has to offer, Dr. Gunn has partnered with SignatureMD.

SignatureMD and Dr. Gunn are working together to ensure you have the opportunity to receive the finest in personalized care.

Make your healthcare a priority for you and for your family by investing in your personal health for your lifetime and enroll today.

Easy Directions

Dr. Gunn's office is centrally located across the street from St. Jude Medical Center with valet parking available.

100 East Valencia Mesa Drive, Suite 215
Val Mesa Medical Building
Fullerton, CA 92835

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