Putting Patients at the Center of Their Healthcare

A Partnership for Personalized Care

"There is good scientific documentation that preventive medicine and focused attention to wellness lead to healthier, longer, more active and vibrant lives. All I need is time to listen and share a conversation.

Patients deserve to have the time for comprehensive personalized care, designed exclusively for them. Care based on the best available diagnostic tools, with consideration of lifestyle and personal preferences, delivering solutions and a path for lasting wellness.

To achieve this goal, I believe in creating a supportive partnership with my patients for the finest health care possible. I believe that providing evidence-based medical information gives my patients the foundation upon which to make educated health choices. The decision-maker is the patient and I will always respect and support their educated decisions."

Gordon Gunn, M.D.

Patients who join my Personalized Care Program receive:

  • Personalized comprehensive medical care
  • Individualized in-depth analysis of their current and on-going health evaluations
  • Cardio-vascular and metabolic risk prevention program, designed specifically to prevent any risk of a future heart attack, stroke or of developing diabetes.
  • Comprehensive Longevity Program based on personalized nutrition, exercise and stress management through meditation.
  • Annual screening for early detection of new diseases
  • On time and unhurried appointments
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies, health concerns or questions via dedicated phone, text or email
  • Personal wallet card with private contact information
  • Communication and coordination with patient’s other established physicians
  • Referrals to qualified specialists, when indicated

Longevity Program

Your Heart, Your Body, Your Life

Boston Heart Lifestyle Program: Improving Patient Outcomes

Everyone hopes to have a long life ('Living Long') and experience a full and healthy life ('Living Well'). Wellness is a dynamic process that changes with age and is influenced by genetics, lifestyle habits and circumstance. Learning the current state of your wellness improves your knowledge base, helps you set goals and empowers you to make better choices for a longer and healthier life.

My goal: Give my patients an accurate picture of their physical wellness and an understanding of the role that cholesterol, inflammation, plaque and their genetics play in heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Further, understanding the importance of nutrition, weight control, exercise, smoking, stress, and blood pressure, is essential for an optimal quality of life and improved sense of well-being. With this foundation I can provide patients with a proactive lifestyle plan and continuing support that, if adapted, will have a dramatic effect on lowering their lifetime risks of having a future cardio-vascular event and to achieve their goal of "Living Long and Living Well."

Easy Directions

Fullerton Location

Val Mesa Medical Building
100 East Valencia Mesa Drive, Suite 215
Fullerton, CA 92835
Phone: 714-912-2211

Dr. Gunn's office is centrally located across the street from
St. Jude Medical Center with valet parking available.

Newport Beach Location

Newport Center Medical Plaza
1441 Avocado Avenue, Suite #309
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 714-912-2211

Dr. Gunn’s office is centrally located at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.