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October Is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month | Fullerton, CA

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among American women, affecting around 230,000 women each year. Raising breast cancer awareness is extremely important as it does not discriminate; it affects people of all ages and races. One of the first steps we can take towards effectively identifying and treating breast cancer is by taking preventive action and being aware of the symptoms that come along with this terrible disease. The following list includes breast cancer symptoms that we should all be aware of:

  • Nipple tenderness, lump or thickening in or near your breast or underarm area
  • Change in skin texture
  • Lumps
  • Change in breast or nipple appearance
  • Unexplained swelling or shrinkage of your breast
  • Recent unexplained asymmetry
  • Slightly inward or inverted nipple
  • Breast, areola, or nipple becomes red, scaly or swollen
  • Nipple discharge (particularly clear or bloody)

Most times these symptoms are not due to cancer, but if you have any breast cancer symptoms you should be seen by your doctor immediately to be sure you’re healthy and cancer free. Even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms, it’s still incredibly important to be seen for regular screenings. Your doctor is always able to check for breast cancer before you have any noticeable symptoms.

Keeping an eye on any changes in your breasts is a great way to catch any issues that can arise. There is no rhyme or reason cancer appears in patients – make sure you do everything you can to ensure you aren’t at risk. We are all at risk without a cure.

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