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Common Warning Signs of Breast Cancer | Fullerton, CA

Breast cancer is a leading type of cancer in women, affecting just under 300,000 men and women each year. While breast cancer is the leading cancer in women, it does not discriminate based on the age or sex of the individual. The mutation of a breast tissue cell into a cancerous one is not something we can predict, but it is something we can attempt to prevent.

At-Home Screening:

Around the time a woman has her period, it is recommended she screen herself in the shower. Simply place one arm over your head, and relax it. Take two fingers on the opposite hand and move in a spiral pattern around the breast, making small circles with your fingers as you go. You are attempting to feel a difference in the breast that is not normally present, such as:

  • Nipple tenderness, lump, or thickening in or near your breast or underarm area
  • Change in the texture of your skin or enlargement of the pores of your breasts
  • A lump in your breast (even if it’s small make sure to see a professional for a screening)

It’s also important to pay attention to your nipples. If any of the following begins to appear, it may be best to consult with your doctor.

  • Unexplained swelling of your breast
  • Unexplained shrinkage of your breast
  • Recent unexplained asymmetry of your breast. It’s common for women to have one breast larger than the other.
  • Any unexplained change in the size or shape of your breast
  • Dimpling anywhere on your breast
  • Your nipple is slightly inward or inverted
  • The skin of your breast, areola, or nipple that becomes red, scaly, or swollen or resembles the skin of an orange
  • Nipple discharge

At-home exams are a great place to start and can provide valuable indicators of potential issues, allowing you to catch cancer early before it catches you off guard. If you do feel any concerning lumps, or tenderness, or visually see a change in any part of your breast, contact your doctor for an appointment as soon as possible so they may evaluate your concerns.

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