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Recognizing the Signs of Poor Breast Health | Fullerton, CA

Breast cancer remains a prevalent concern, affecting nearly 300,000 individuals annually, irrespective of age or gender. Detecting potential signs early can significantly impact outcomes, making awareness and regular screening essential.

At-Home Screening Tips:

Perform a self-examination monthly, ideally around the time of your menstrual cycle:

  • Raise one arm and relax it.
  • Use your opposite hand with two fingers to gently explore your breast in a spiral pattern, feeling for any abnormalities such as:
    • Nipple tenderness, lumps, or thickening in or around the breast or underarm area.
    • Changes in skin texture or enlarged pores.
    • Any new or unusual lump, regardless of size.

Pay Attention to Changes:

Additionally, monitor your nipples for:

  • Unexplained swelling or shrinkage.
  • Recent asymmetry or changes in size or shape.
  • Dimpling or puckering of the skin.
  • Inward or inverted nipples.
  • Red, scaly, swollen skin resembling an orange peel texture.
  • Nipple discharge.

Taking Action:

Regular at-home exams are crucial for early detection. If you notice any concerning symptoms, such as lumps, tenderness, or visual changes in your breast, consult your doctor promptly for evaluation.

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