Is an Overactive Bladder hindering your life? InterStim Therapy can help. | Fullerton, CA

iStock_000003648493Small - 28Are you suffering from an overactive bladder?  Dr. Gordon Gunn of Fullerton, CA may be able to help with the use of InterStim® Therapy.

InterStim therapy is a treatment that uses mild electrical pulses (called electrical stimulation) to stimulate nerves in your lower back, just above the tailbone. These nerves activate or inhibit muscles and organs that contribute to urinary control — the bladder, sphincter and pelvic floor muscles.

InterStim Therapy might be right for you if you have the following symptoms:

  • Urge incontinence: The involuntary and accidental loss of urine.
  • Urgency: A strong, intense and often sudden desire to urinate.
  • Frequency: Urinating more than eight times in a 24-hour period.
  • Urinary retention: the inability or failure to completely empty the bladder.

To find out more about InterStim Therapy, contact Dr. Gordon Gunn today at (714) 912-2211 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Gordon Gunn also proudly serves Buena Park, La Mirada, Yorba Linda, Diamond Bar, Walnut, and surrounding areas.


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